Common mistakes of every programmer should be avoided.


In this blog, I will not teach you Programming related but I will explain different common mistakes which are generally most of the programmer doing that career start.

1. Learning Too Many things at the same time as different languages, language-related frameworks.

This is the first mistake that most of the programmers make when they start learning to program. They think that it’s impressive to have knowledge of different languages and it’s frameworks. When you start to find a job to mention in the resume but that’s actually foolishness because you don’t have deep knowledge of any one of them.

Learning Python for 5 months and switching to another language just because python is tough so you are getting lots of confusion because you don’t have a clear choice. It is very good to have knowledge of different languages but once when you are experienced you don’t get any difficulty to change the language but you change the language with different times you can’t focus on a single language. if you are doing this mistake then you realize you aren’t master in a single language.

2. Comparison with others, Self Believe not available.

It’s human nature to compare with others all the time, that’s the case in programming as well. You see your friend programmer who is good at solving the bugs and making logic of your project too fast, you start doubting and questioning your capability which is not good. Some people are good at picking up the concept very easily and some people take time but slow learning is completely good if you take interest in coding.

When you have Self Believe not available on yourself always remember that you need to face it with courage and you need to be fearless. Programming is the field of taking the challenge and helping others by solving their problems but before that do yourself a favor and help yourself first.

3. Maintain Code Quality

When you beginning code, you are good and exciting that your code is working perfectly. but your code is not a well-structured code than another programmer cannot read and understand your code easily. So you should be clean, reusable and try to write well-structured code.

4. Writing Code Without understand requirements and flow.

Generally, Programmers are getting a job and start doing their work. They want to give 100% results but they don’t understand project basic requirements with research and planning. I always suggest giving 20% time in coding and 80% time to give planning, research, and thinking. A beginner should go with the flow in a sequence of Think, Research, Plan.

5. Always take a backup before start the work.

This is one of the common mistakes which are every programmer doing its whole career at one time. When you starting work you should have to take a backup because it will help when you’re getting any troubles Ex. Like your Site hacked and disk crashed. You also lost your current code. that’s the reason every programmer should have this habit to keep backup of their work at regular time intervals.

6. Always excited during Practice

Laziness is the biggest enemy of humanity. When you starting your work you should have excited about the work. A thousand lines of code come through the programmer’s hard time practice. It will spend lots of hours learning to program. When you are feeling lazy you don’t give your best. So always excited to learn new things in programming.

After reading all of the things, You have to start following these steps it will help you to improve your programming skills.

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