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Hello guys, In this tutorial we are teaching how to create a droplet in DIgitalOcen. So let’s start. following these steps.

Step 1: Login DigitalOcen

First, We go to link. After going to the link, login using your credentials Username and Password.

Step 2: Create Droplet

After the login into the DigitalOcen, Now we create a droplet. Go to the Sidebar left panel and choose droplet in the menu and click on Create button and choose Droplets on the dropdown menu.

After, Select Ubuntu in the Distributions menu

Next, choose the DataCenter region. DigitalOcen can have across 8 deployed DataCenter. Here I selected Singapore. Next is Select additional option, It is optional. But I have a selected Monitoring.

After that choose a hostname. Give hostname an identifying name you will remember them. Your droplet name can contain alphanumeric characters, dashes and after a click on Create Droplet button.

Your Digital Droplet is ready.

When your droplet is created successfully, you will get mail on your mail id like a similar screenshot.

Please refer our next part How to install wordpress on DigitalOcen

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