How to access Laravel Query String?

If you optate to get Query string value then you can get utilizing Request Facade OR Input Facade in larave 5. But if you was working native PHP then we can get $_GET method. In following example you can facilely get parameter value.

URL Example:

In above query string, you optate to get query string value for example id and denomination. you can get through bellow example.

Route Example:

Route::get('demo', 'DemoController@demo');

Controller Example:

public function demo(Request $request)
  /* returns Ony Id value */
  $id = $request->input('id');

  /* returns array of entire input query value */
  $query = $request->all();

    /* OR */

  /* returns Ony Id value */
  $id = Input::get('id');

  /* returns array of entire input query value */
  $query = Input::all();

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