Push/Create a Laravel Project on IBM Cloud Server.

In this tutorial, I will explain How to create or push a Laravel project in IBM Cloud Server/Foundry.

First, you have to create a Lite account or purchase account in IBM Cloud Server.

Open the IBM cloud login page and log in if you have an account. After login opens this page of IBM cloud Catalog.

and click Cloud Foundry.

Open Cloud Foundry and you got this type of View.

Now, Select Public application and Enterprise Environment. If want to know about IBM cloud & you have a premium account and you want to create Enterprise application than select Enterprise Environment otherwise just select Public application.

I have lite a account so I choose Public application.

After click on create an application, you create an application PHP.

After all of this redirect to the main page of the project which you are creating.

Now, you got the URL from GitHub and you can download the sample code.

Step 1: Deploy your application in the IBM cloud.

First, you have to install the IBM cloud in your system so open your terminal and put the below command:

curl -sL https://ibm.biz/idt-installer | bash

If you don’t have IBM cloud in your system then you can run this command otherwise you can directly use.

Now you have to login in IBM cloud system:

ibmcloud login

If you don’t cf command works then you have to install cf:

ibmcloud cf install

Target a Cloud Foundry org and space:

ibmcloud target --cf

From within the get-started-php directory push your app to IBM Cloud:

ibmcloud cf push

After all of these commands your application ready now.

You can check-in your IBM account.

The next part of this blog, I will explain how to create a database in the IBM cloud.

I hope it will help you.

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